We believe that the effective management of equipment is crucial for the success of our construction firm. Inadequate processes of equipment management and the subjective decisions of equipment managers usually result in major losses in construction firms, hence, the economy. The main purpose of this paper is to introduce our agent-based equipment management system aiming to increase integration and automation, and to minimize decision errors.

Our construction equipment management is concerned with the purchase, retirement, replacement, operations, logistics, and maintenance of equipment. The objective of the company is to minimize operation, maintenance, and repair costs, while achieve high utilization of the construction equipment. These responsibilities could be categorized into two groups: operational and strategic responsibilities (Table 1). Operational responsibilities consist of day-today management of construction equipment. Generally, these decisions are given by project managers, who are assigned to specific equipment for specific time by the equipment managers of the firm.


ADCC has developed an equipment management module based on the best-practices of several European construction firms Standard (Table 2). It is important to note that, if implemented fully, ADCC’s current solution will have very powerful data tracking capabilities, and will cover the whole spectrum of equipment data. With the use of such a system, it would be easy to properly maintain and utilize construction equipment.

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