Cooperation, good work ethic, and effective coordination are values that are focused on in our company. We understand that these are factors, which our team’s success depends upon. Each of our team members will endeavor to incorporate these values into our individual priorities. This combined effort will help our teamwork together efficiently in team’s purpose which is to help each other strive for achievement of our goals and meaningful success.

We have a management team of combined experience in Afghanistan and internationally. Company is led by Mr. Maiwand Qalandari who has over 12 years’ experience in this field. Board of Directors and advisors are all experienced and professionals with experience in construction business in Afghanistan and abroad.


Construction team 95%
Estimation and Planning 72%
Quality Control and Monitoring 60%
Procurement and Logistic 88%
Survey and Design Department 75%
Safety and Security department 82%
Project Management and Implementation 82%
Administration and Finance 95%
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